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Mobile Phone: Impact of Mobile Phone in Bangladesh

Nowadays, Mobile Phone is an assent for the people of Bangladesh. The impact of the mobile phone in Bangladesh cannot be described in a word. The land phone line restricted the user’s accessibility to the phone and besides, skills to maneuver around whereas talking and telephones were typically settled in areas off from and heaps of or less isolated from completely different activities. once the introduction of the phone in the Asian country in 1993, today, we have a bent to visualize people use in movable all types of things, to public places like at intervals the streets, on the bus, in shops, restaurants, public theatres, offices, at work still as leisure, whereas attending seminars, alone still as at the aspect of others. There have both positive and negative impacts on youth in Bangladesh.

Feature Phones at

A feature phone is also a sort of movable that contains a heap of choices than a typical radiotelephone but is not akin to a smartphone. Feature phones can produce and receive calls, send text messages and provide a variety of advanced choices like media player, camera, personal digital assistant, and net access found on a smartphone. Feature Phones were primarily designed for patron’s agency to want a multifunctional movable but are not willing to pay the higher prices associated with true smartphones. Notice various feature phone brands entirely on The popularity of feature phones in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. I think Samsung is the best feature phone than any other phone on the market.

All About Smartphones

Over the past decade, Smartphones have revolutionized our lives in ways that during which go we have a bent toll on so much aspect but we have a tendency to communicate. Besides occupation, texting, and emailing, over a pair of billion people around the world presently use these devices to navigate, to book cab rides, to visualize product reviews. The lifestyle of the people is getting change positively for the blessings of smartphones. It’s incontrovertible that smartphone technology has yielded many benefits for society, like allowing voluminous people that lack access to banks to conduct cash transactions, for instance, or enabling rescue workers in associate passing disaster zone to pinpoint specifically where their help is needed most urgently.

Android Operating System

Android is one in each of the foremost customary smartphone software packages that are presently owned by Google. The usage of this operating system is increasing day by day for its outstanding facilities. If you want to buy a smartphone then, there is no option to buy the smartphone rather than Android Smartphones. It’s a Linux-based OS that's presently wide utilized by most smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Google’s own Motorola are the list of renowned mobile phones. But Nokia continues to be not exploitation which they need entirely launched Windows Phone eight smartphones in their customary smartphone series.

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