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ভি 17 প্রো সহ, ভিভো তার ছয়টি ক্যামেরার জন্য স্মার্টফোন ফটোগ্রাফিতে একটি নতুন বেঞ্চমার্ক স্থাপন করেছে। ভিভো ভি 17 প্…

Apple recently unveiled the new three flagship iPhone. One of these phones is the iPhone Eight Plus. The explosion of this phone was found in the news. Taiwan's iPhone Eighth Plus complained that his phone battery was exploded while charging. He claimed that he was charging the phone via Apple's ori…

In the general Asus fashion, computing in Taiwan in 2017, the company has shut down half a dozen dozen new generation smartphones under unknown populations. Genres 4, Genfone 4 Pro, Genfone 4 Max, Genfone 4 Max Pro, Genfone 4Selfife and Genfone 4SelfFi Pro.

Genfone 4's 5.5-inch 1080p IPS…

Recently added commentary to Instagram Instagram adds threading to comments Instagram has recently been known to add many features to its photo sharing services, and today is no different. Unlike other programs, however, this time is just a small thing that has changed. Small, but important.

Nokia's Android smartphone series Nokia 3 will later receive Android and 8.0 (8.0), the company's chief confirmed. Responding to a buyer's query on Twitter recently, he said.

Nokia has announced the release of the Android operating system running the phone after the contract expired with …